Movie Night: It's a Smash Hit!

If your parent teacher association would like to build a community, attract more parents, and have some good old-fashioned fun, a movie night may be just the ticket.

A trip to the movies is usually high on anyone’s list of activities for a fun night out. Whether you’re showing the latest animated flick from Pixar or an old classic like The Wizard of Oz, movies appeal to audiences of all ages and are a nice way to bring people together and build support for the school.

What’s more, family movie nights are easy to organize and run, and when they’re well executed, they can bring tremendous goodwill to a school community. In fact, because movie nights are so easy to organize and children’s films today have such broad appeal, some PTOs open their family movie nights to the entire community, not just the school population.

Movie nights can be a great way to showcase the school, whether you invite the residents from the local senior center, families from other schools in the town, or prospective students.

Little kids get a big kick out of coming to school at night, and their younger brothers and sisters love seeing the inside of the ‘big kid’ school.  It really makes them feel more comfortable when they show up on their first day of school

Big Screen Benefits

You can also use you Movie Night at school as a fund raiser.  If you keep your ticket prices reasonable you will attract a bigger crowd.  You can also set up a shop selling popcorn, soft drinks, sweets etc., another great way of raising funds for your school.


You school Movie Night includes

  • Giant Inflatable Screen 
  • 4500 Lumens or 10,000 Lumens projector (depending on venue)
  • Sound System
  • DVD Player or Laptop
  • Technician for your screening
  • Public Liability Insurance

€575 inc. VAT indoor screenings midweek.   For all other screenings at weekends or outdoors normal hire rates apply.  Click here for pricing


  • We deliver free of charge in the Dublin/Wicklow area.  Delivery charges to any other parts of the country are available on request

Technician is available for one screening only.  For multiple screenings on the same day there will be an additional charge.  These charges are available on request.

  • We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking.  This deposit is non refundable 
  • The balance is due at the very latest the day of the event prior to the screening.  No balance paid, no screening, no exceptions!
  • The above rate does not include the licence to screen the film of your choice.  Some schools already have a blanket licence in place for screenings DVD's throughout the school.  If your school has one of these licences then a licence to screen a movie will not be required.  If you do not have a licence your will need to obtain one from a company called GFD Communications.  We can arrange this for you or if you wish you can deal direct with GFD yourself.  Their contact details are on their website 

If you would like to make an enquiry about hosting a Movie at your school, just click on the button below and fill in the enquiry form