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Organising Your Outdoor Movie

Select The Right Films

The films you like may not be the same as what everyone else likes.  If you want to get a really good crowd at your Outdoor Movie, its really important to select the right film.  You need to think about your audience, is it a family event, a childrens event, an event purely for the adults.  We've listed below some of the best movies to screen outdoors that will keep everyone happy.

Top There Films For Family Events

Back to the Future

Vie The Trailer on YouTube
Running Time 1hr 56 Mins

The Greatest Showman

View the Trailer on YouTube
Running Time 1hr 46mins


View the Trailer on YouTube
Running Time 1hr 50 mins.

Top Three Films For The Kids

Finding Nemo

View the YouTube Trailer
Running Time 1hr 40 Mins


View the YouTube Trailer
Running Time 1hr 49 Mins

Despicable Me

View the YouTube Trailer
Running Time 1hr 35 Mins

Top Three Films for Adults


View the YouTube Trailer
Running Time 2hrs 10 Mins

Dirty Dancing

View The YouTube Trailer
Running Time 1hr 40 Mins

Mamma Mia

View the YouTube Trailer
Running Time 1hr 49 Mins


The seven most popular types of location used for an Outdoor Movies are football/gaa pitches, school grounds, beaches, resident estates, car parks and hotels.  Just some points to note if you are using any of these locations for your own outdoor cinema screening:

  • If you are screening in a Movie in the Park at a football or gaa pitch you will need to get permission from your local county council/football club/gaa committee.  They will also request a copy of our public liability insurance which we can provide.  The  may also request an event management plan if you anticipate a very large crowd.  You should also have plenty of volunteers on the day to assist.  Power is required.  We have over 100m of extention cable that can be used to get power to difficult locations.  If no power is available we can supply a generator for an additional €50.  If possible the screen should be erected in the most sheltered end of the park.  If there are trees nearby or if the park is walled then this is the ideal location for the screen.
  • If you are screening in a car park or concreted area you will need chairs.  We can supply up to 200 chairs.  Prices for chair hire are on our Hire Us page.  Again we try and look for the most sheltered area to erect the screen.  In some cases we will use our transport vehicle to help stabilise the screen.
  • If you are thinking of screening on the beach, like screening in the park you will need permission from your local county council.  Again they will ask for a copy of our public liability insurance which we can provide.  They may also ask for an event management and risk assessment plan.  A beach can be very windy so ideally you should be looking at a cove type location which means that the screen can be well sheltered from the wind.  You will need plenty of volunteers to help with crowd control and to clean up afterwards.  
  • If you are planning on hosting an outdoor screening in your housing estate it should be organised through your local housing estate committee.  Normally you would screen on the green within your estate.  Power is needed so if someone can volunteer to supply the power from their house, great.  We have enough extention cable to get from someones house to the screen.  Out of courtesey you should advise all neighbours that an outdoor screening is going to take place.  A flyer drop is the best way to do this.

Film Licence

Whether your outdoor screening is a commercial event, a fund raiser or for charity, you will need to apply for a licence for the film you wish to screen.  It's a relatively straightforward procedure. Below are some tips on how to arrange your screening licence.

  • Non Commercial Screenings: If your screening is a non commercial event (you are not charging an entry fee), then you will need to apply for a non commercial licence for your event.  You can apply for your licence through a company called GFD Communications.  You can check out their website at www.filmlibrary.ie.  This website will also give you a full list of films that are available to screen.  If you use this link you will get a ful list of prices for your outdoor event.  Typically a licence for an outdoor film costs around €205 inc. VAT.   You should apply for your licence around a month before your screening date.  Films directors like Steven Speilberg and Stanley Kubrick require at least a months notice so its advisable to book your film as soon as you have decided what you would like to screen.  If you prefer OutdoorMovies can apply for the licence on your behalf.  We will just invoice you for the full amount of the licence fee along with the balance that will be due prior to the screening date.
  • Commercial Screenings: If you are charging people in to see the movie you will need to apply for a commercial licence from GFD Communications.  Unlike non commercial screenings, you will need to keep a record of all your box office takings and submit these taking figures to GFD normally the next day after a screening.  In most cases GFD will look for 35% of your box office takings.  For example if you make €1,000 on the gate, GFD will invoice you for €350.  Outdoor Movies cannot apply for a licence for a commercial event on your behalf.  You will need to deal with GFD direct to obtain a licence for a commercial screening
  • Charity/Fund Raising Screenings: Some organisations that we have worked with over the years that are hosting an outdoor screening to raise funds for charity on their local club don't charge an admission fee but do suggest donations.  A donation bucket is sometimes left at the gate or passed around during the creening.  If this is the case then a non commercial licence can be obtained for your event


A good way to raise money towards your outdoor screening is to try and find a sponsor.   Advertising is another great way of raising money.  If you can some advertising from local businesses we can put together a trailer of adverts that will play on a loop before the film starts.  We can do this free of charge once we are supplied with the artwork in advance


Vendors are always keen to set up at outdoor events like this.  If you know any local hotdog/ice cream sellers interested in setting up at your event your can rent out a space for them to sell their food.  Depending on the size of your event you can charge between €50 and €100.  If you dont know any vendors we can happily put you in touch with some that we can recommend

Great Dates to Host an Outdoor Movie

Valentines Day Outdoor Screenings

Valentines Day/Weekend

February 10th, 11th & 14th are the ideal dates for screenings and this time

Highly Recommended Film: Dirty Dancing

St Patricks Day Outdoor Screenings

St Patricks Day/Weekend

March 17th and 18th are the perfect dates for outdoor screenings

Highly Recommended Film: The Commitments

Easter Outdoor Screenings

Easter Weekend

April 15th and 16th are great dates to organise an Easter event outdoors

Highly Recommended Film: Hop

Bank Holiday Outdoor Screenings

May Bank Holiday Weekend

April 28th through to May 1st are good screening dates over the May Bank Holiday Weekend.

Highly Recommended Film: Back to the Future

Bank Holiday Outdoor Screenings

June Bank Holiday Weekend

June 2nd through to June 5th are good screening dates over the June Bank Holiday Weekend:

Highly Recommended Film: Grease

Bank Holiday Outdoor Screenings

August Bank Holiday Weekend

August 4th through to August 7th are good screening dates for the August Bank Holiday Weekend

Highly Recommended Film: The Goonies

Halloween Outdoor Screenings

Halloween/October Bank Holiday Weekend

October 27th through to October 31st are ideal dates for Halloween/October Bank Holiday Weekend screenings:

Highly Recommended for the Kids: Hocus Pocus

Highly Recommended for the Adults: The Shining

Christmas Outdoor Screenings

Christmas Period

The ideal dates for screening around the Christmas period are December 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th & 10th.  Screenings are usually recommended for outdoor/indoor fairs and switching on lights ceremonies

Highly Recommended Films: Frozen/Elf