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Outdoor Screen Hire

OutdoorMovies.ie are a leading event production company, specialising in open air and pop-up cinema events. We work throughout Ireland and can turn any space into a cinema catering for up to 1000 people. Whatever the event, however large or small, you can be confident our team has the experience gained over many years in the industry to deliver a professional solution that is right for you, your venue and your event.

Our open- air inflatable screen rental packages includes our state-of-the-art digital projector, sound system along and technician. The cinema can be used outdoor or indoor to suit your events needs. With high quality equipment and professional staff, we can guarantee a stunning event.

Our OutdoorMovie Season begins on February 14th and runs through to the end of September.  We do special screenings around the Halloween period and we also do special screenings for the Christmas period as well.

Covid 19 News

We have examined the document that the government released on May 1st which has help give us a little more clarification as to what outdoor events we can look at this year.

Phasing In Outdoor Events

  • Phase 2: From June 8th Outdoor Movies will be available to do private home screenings.   As long as we can social distance at your home, we can deliver and set up in your garden.  We would discuss all of this with you over the phone.  Its important to note that this type of screening would be for people living in the house.  The screening would not be for friends or extended members of the family to come over to watch.  If an inflatable screen is requested then Outdoor Movies are there to set up and operate.  If a small pull up screen and equipment is requested then Outdoor Movies will provide the equipment with instructions on how to set up and will collect the equipment the following day.  We are not there to police an event but if our technicians are operating a screening with an inflatable screen and feel that the audience is more then the people living in the house, they will have a right to cancel the screening and there will be no refund.  We will only be able to do private screenings in counties Dublin and Wicklow
  • Phase 4: From July 20th we will be able to do the above private screenings in the home place.  The difference being that you will be able to bring friends and extended family to your house to watch the film.  Maximum number of guests will be advised by Government soon.  Again we will only be able to do screenings in Dublin and Wicklow.
  • Phase 5: From August 10th we will once again be able to host outdoor events.  A risk assessment plan will need to be put in place and Social distancing will be required, but that should be easily managed and with our giant outdoor screens, social distancing should not be an issue. We can go over this with you on the phone.  Maximum numbers to be advised by the Government at a later stage.  We will be able to do screenings nationwide.

Drive In Cinema

We have been inundated with requests to host pop up Drive In Cinemas.  Under normal circumstances we do not provide a Drive In Cinema service.  There are a number of reasons for this which are outlined below:

  • A Drive In Cinema requires a licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland so you can broadcast the soundtrack to the movie legally over your car stereo.  The licence application can take in the region of 2/3 months to obtain and is close to €1,000 for the licence alone.
  • The height of our screens are not ideal for more then 60 cars

We have on occasion operated a pop up drive in cinema on request.  The number of cars would be restricted though to around 50/60 cars max, and that is very much determined by how the cars are positioned in front of the screen.  With regard to the sound, the sound would be played on our outdoor sound system.  The sound can be heard quite clearly from your car.  Not as good as over a car stereo but good enough.   

So if you're happy enough with the above conditions, and you want to get something up and running fast then contact us and we'll see what we can do

The Airscreen

The AirScreen 23 x 18.5ft can be used for pop up Drive In Cinemas

The AirScreen Classic is the perfect solution for showing movies in extraordinary places.  The set up which usually takes just one hour is flexible and has the least possible impact on your exquisite environment.  The only thing that lasts are unforgettable nights for you and your guests.  Suitable for up to 1500 people.  For pop up drive in cinemas between 50/60 cars

Check out the AirScreen set up video to the right

This giant outdoor/indoor screen can be used for all sorts of events and is one of our most popular screens.  Perfect for indoors and outdoors it's a guaranteed hite with everyone a guaranteed to be a hit with everyone.  This screen is suitable for audiences up to around 700

This ones a big one and can be used for pop up Drive In Cinemas.  This screen is 26ft X 20ft. Like the screen above it is perfect for all sorts of events except on a much larger scale.  This screen is suitable for up to 2,000 people watching it.  Its particularly good for screening indoors, particularly in large school halls, community centres.  For drive in cinemas, 60 cars max.


Below are the various different packages we can offer with these screens:

  • Giant Inflatable Screens can be used indoors or outdoors
  • 4500 Lumens or 10,000 Lumens projector (depending on venue)
  • Sound System
  • DVD Player or Laptop
  • Technician for your screening


The AirScreen

For large outdoor events €925 inc. VAT for Screenings on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays

For screenings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays €825 inc. VAT

Bank Holiday Weekends, Valentines Weekend, St Patricks Weekend, Halloween and Christmas Period  €1,000 inc VAT

17.5X 13ft OpenAir Screen

For large outdoor events €800 inc. VAT for Screenings on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays

For screenings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays €700 inc. VAT

Bank Holiday Weekends, Valentines Weekend, St Patricks Weekend, Halloween and Christmas Period  €875 inc VAT

For private parties in your home €400 inc VAT

26 X 20ft OpenAir Screen

For large outdoor events €900 inc. VAT for Screenings on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays

For screenings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays €800 inc. VAT

Bank Holiday Weekends, Valentines Weekend, St Patricks Weekend Halloween and Christmas Period  €975 inc VAT

Delivery Charges:

There are no delivery charges for events in county Dublin.  Delivery charges for outside of the Dublin area apply.  Below are the various different charges depending on the county where the event is due to take place


  • Technician is available for one screening only.  For multiple screenings on the same day there will be an additional charge.  These charges are available on request.
  • We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking.  This deposit is non refundable except in circumstances where the screening is cancelled due to bad weather
  • The balance is due at the very latest the day of the event prior to the screening.  No balance paid, no screening, no exceptions!
Outdoor Movie Delivery Rates
Outdoor Movie Delivery Rates

Working Out How Much My Deposit Will Be

A 50% deposit is required on all bookings.The balance for the outdoor screening will be due BEFORE the screening takes place.  No Balance.  No Screening.  No Exceptions.

To work out what deposit is due just do the following.

1. Look at the map of Ireland above and check your delivery area

3. Decide which screen you want to hire and check the rate.  Add the the hire rate and the delivery rate together and divide by two.  This will be the deposit amount required to make the booking

For Example:

Booking the 20X15 screen for a weekend screening €800  

Screening is to take place in Louth, delivery therefore is €30

€800 + €30 = €830 divided by 2 = €415.  This is the deposit  required to secure the booking

Deposits are non refundable except in circumstances where a cancellation is required due to bad weather 

You need a licence to screen a film in public either indoors or outdoors.  It doesn't matter if you are trying to raise funds or the event is for charity you must pay the appropriate licence fee. 

Under Republic of Ireland Copyright Law, if you wish to screen of a film to audiences outside of the cinema or their home circle (known as non-theatrical film screenings), you must acquire the consent of the copyright owner or their representatives before doing so. Film copyright ownership is generally held by the film studio or distributor (that has produced the film).  OutdoorMovies.ie prices do NOT include copyright licence fees which can vary depending on whether or not your event is a commercial or non commercial event.

If your event is a non commercial event OutdoorMovies.ie can apply for a licence for you which is typically around €205 inc VAT (depending on your potential audience size).  If your event is a commercial event OutdoorMovies.ie can advise what the procedures are to obtain a commercial licence.  It is relatively straight forward and not at all complicated.  Typically the film agent will look for 35% of your box office

If you intend screening movies in your own home, a licence is not required for these sorts of screenings.

Full details on copyright can be found at www.filmlibrary.ie 

Sunset Times

It's really important to note that in order to run a successful outdoor screening you must have dusk or darkness.  A screening in daylight is just not possible, even with our most powerful cinema projectors.  For an outdoor screening during day light hours you would need to use an LED screen.  These screens are extremely expensive to hire but if you do have the funds to hire an LED screen (they can be up to €2,000 a day), we highly recommend a company called Mongeys.  You can visit their website here

In order for you to find out what time you can screen on the date you have in mind you should visit this website.  When you visit this website use the tabs to select the month you want to screen.  Down the left hand side of the screen you will see the dates for that particular month.  On the columns on the top of the chart you want to look for the column marked Nautical Twilight End.  This is the time that you will be able to screen from.  In the example below you will see that if we were looking to do a screening on February 14th, ideally we should be looking at screening any time after 1810.

Sunset Times for Outdoor Movies

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have to be dark to screen?

Yes, until dusk arrives you can’t see the image on the screen.  If you click here you will be able to find the earliest screening times for your outdoor screening

Is this screen suitable for a Drive In?

This screen is just not suitable to hold a Drive In Cinema event.  

Can I provide the film?

If you want to manage your own event that is no problem, please make sure you have two copies of the DVD and you have the appropriate license. Please contact www.gfd.ie on how to obtain licence for your event

Can you secure the licence for the film?

If your screening is a non commercial event, in other words there is no entry fee on your gate then we can obtain a screening licence on your behalf.  If you intend to charge people in to see your film then you will need to liaise direct with www.gfd.ie

How do you weight the inflatable screen down?

We base our quotes on a grass set up on the assumption that we can spike into the ground for the screen guide ropes. If your site is not it shouldn't be a problem.  We will need to take a look at the location to make sure we can definitely secure the screen though.

Do we need power?
If you can supply power great, if not we can supply a generator at a small extra charge

Are you insured?

Yes we have full public liability insurance 

What if its windy or raining?

We can screen in wind speeds up to 25 knots. After that we are afraid that we will have to take the screen down for health and safety reasons.  With regard to rain, we do keep an eye on the weather prior to a screening.   If we feel that the weather is going to be an issue we will contact you two days prior to the screening to discuss your options.  We don't screen in the rain!

Do we pay in advance?

Yes, we take a 50% deposit up front.  The balance is due before the screening commences.  No balance paid prior to the event, no screening, there are no exceptions.

Do you refund?

Your deposit is non refundable except for cancelations due to bad weather

What do we need to tell our audience?

The main thing is to make sure they bring a camping chair and loads of warm clothing. It is suppressing how cold you can get when sitting still so blankets and sleeping bags make for a much more comfortable experience. In addition to this people love to bring a picnic, some nibbles and a hot flask can make all the difference.

Can you suggest some films?

Of course we can. We love film, that’s why we do this.